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Staron Custom Commercial

Displayed are some of the Staron Customized Commercial work completed using various designs and colors of Staron Solid Surfaces. You will see not only countertops but also customized uses for the Staron Solid Surfaces. 

Dinosphere at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Aspen Brown Staron Solid Surface is used to surround a LCD monitor at a Dinosaur Museum. You can see from this photo that Staron Solid Surfaces can be used in all sorts of situations enabling you to get that superb design effect. Right next to the LCD display is a countertop designed in the same Aspen Brown Staron Solid Surface. This custom design was for the Dinosphere at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. 

Pebble Aqua Staron Solid Surface for Curved Reception Desk

Pebble Aqua Staron Solid Surface was used in this exquisite reception area. With wave formation curved front counter tops as well as round placement countertops. The use-ability, design-ability and functionality of Staron Solid Surfaces is nearly limitless from straight line edges to waves and circle patterns there is a design for your needs.

Pebble Gold Staron Solid Surface for Restaurant Food Serving Counter

Pebble Gold Staron Solid Surface used in a multi level restaurant food serving counter top along with the strip along the cabinets of the counter. With Staron you can hide the join lines from separate pieces as shown in this photo, there is no join line at any corner.

Staron Pebble Gold Food Counter
Staron Pebble Gold Food Counter

Pebble Gold Staron Solid Surface built in to the cashier clerks stations of a large restaurant. Multi level counter tops along with strip edging on the cabinets underneath. You can also see that no visible join lines for any of the corners of the countertop.

Staron Pebble Gold Sales Counter
Staron Pebble Gold Sales Counter

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