Akril Select Christmas Flower Splashbacks

Akril Select Kitchen Splashbacks

Proudly manufactured in Australia, using an innovative process, the Akril Select Kitchen range of Splashbacks.

Having the same quality and features of the standard splashback range. Akril Select is a designer set offering modern and vibrant patterns. Without the costly pricing of similar products that are available.

Offering 25 digitally printed designs, giving you the ability to co-ordinate with various new age decors.

  • Durable
  • Very cost effective when compared to painted glass
  • Versatile, flexible and workable
  • Brilliant in domestic, commercial and display situations
  • High tech engineered polymer
  • Enhanced with colour
  • New source of design inspiration
  • Off the shelf and readily available
  • Reduced lead times and delays
  • Higher heat resistance (80° Celsius)
  • A range of designer colours & surfaces
  • Scratches can be polished out of gloss surfaces
  • 10 year UV warranty
  • Environmentally friendly

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